Never thought about it till my fmaily said something

So.. I've been friends with this guy for years now. Maybe 5 years now.

We dated our freshman year for 3 months but I ended it for really no reason.. he was super sweet to me back then and still is to this day. He's always listened to my problems no matter how big or small and has always made sure I'm alright.

Well NYE him and I went to the movies and huddle house. My family met him again and I think they were super shocked at how much he'd changed.

Anyways! My family says I should date him (or a guy like him)

And I told them no really fast.

He's really fun to talk to and hang out with but I couldn't actually imagine dating him.. especially being pregnant?

Him and I actually talked about this tonight at my work and I feel like I may have hurt him.

Well.. he said it hurt that I said no to my family :(

I don't know if he's joking or if he's being serious. It's sometimes hard to tell. On his way out the door he said "I love you" then kinda took it back then made it in a friend way and we fist bumped and said it??

Ugh what even happened tonight