Welcome to the world my little bug! 💕

Tracey • Dog mama 🐶 dating the most amazing man 💏 fitness lover 🏋🏽‍♀️ expecting a baby girl January 11th 👶🏽🎀

Here’s my story!

On Monday 1/7 I had a regular scheduled OB appointment. I went in like usual, and had my bp checked. It was a little bit high with some protein in my urine and having headaches the past couple of days. Also explained to my doctor that baby girl hasn’t been as active as usual the past couple of days so the doctor sent me to triage just to be monitored for a little bit. Got to triage around 10:30am. Got monitored and had an ultrasound done and baby looked fine but my bp stayed somewhat elevated. After the nurse called my doctor, they decided since I was next on the elective induction list and my bp was high, they would just keep me. I immediately was freaking out. I got to my room and as soon as they decided to keep me, I started having regular contractions on my own. They were about 4 minutes apart. They checked me at my doctor’s appointment and I was dilated to a 4. Then I got checked again before starting pitocin and was dilated to a 5!! So my body was doing all of this on its own. They started pitocin at about 2:30 but my contractions never felt super painful, just uncomfortable. Decided to get my epidural at about 4:45 solely because the anesthesiologist had a c section and 5 and I didn’t want to risk waiting a couple more hours. I was TERRIFIED of the epidural but my anesthesiologist and nurse were amazing! The epidural was awesome and they were able to up my pitocin. I could tell that those contractions would have been insanely painful! My water was broken at around 6:30pm and then we just waited. Finally at about midnight, I was ready to go! I pushed with the nurse for about 30 minutes and this baby was READY! But I had to wait for the doctor to show up. She was delivering another baby. Finally, she came in at about 1:05 and baby girl was here at 1:21am! She is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. Barely cried and was opening her eyes before her body was out! We did skin to skin right away and it was amazing. My girl is 8lbs 12oz and 21 inches long! I could not believe it when they told me she was almost 9 lbs’ but she is perfect in every single way. Happy birthday to my sweet Kahli Reign! 💕