BAD NEWS! I needed to talk to someone 😭

So I’m on Clomid on my 4th round. I have been ovulating. Yesterday I had my progesterone test. My husband had a semen analysis last month. We just got the results too. Dr. will be putting him on medicine for 14 days. He said he has good sperm count BUT, he has an infection and said something like “epididymitis” or something like that. And that they found some white cells too. MY QUESTION IS.. has anyone been on the same boat and was able to conceive after medicine? He said that if medicine doesn’t work next step will be referring us to a fertility specialist.

My husband already has a daughter from previous marriage, so we were working k. My side thinking it was me 😭😩😩😩😩 idk what to do. This is how I started my morning