Pcos and infertility


Hello everyone, this isn’t something I normally do. BUT! Everyone seems so supportive and I could really use an attitude adjustment. I’m not te type to feel sorry for myself so I’m a little embarrassed to even rant about this honestly... so Here’s my story...

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was a teenager. My husband and I have one beautiful baby girl together already ( she’s a year and a half now) we have been trying for number two since May 2017 and nothing. And everywhere I turn someone we are close to is either in labor, pregnant, or just found out their pregnant and all of the stories are the same.. “only only tried once and BAM!” I took a pregnancy test this morning in hopes of a positive result and it was negative again, I’m sure that’s where most of this is stemming from.

I know I should just be thankful for what god has already blessed us with, but I love that little blessing so much I want her to have a sibling. 💔 I’m just a little down in the dumps today and could use a few kind words of encouragement. Thanks 😔