Living situation, help!

Hi everyone, so I’m 17 and 20 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend is 18 and lived with me and my mom now that I’m pregnant, and already had a kid before this one. Let’s call that kid Jackson. My boyfriend lives in my state, while his son lives a state over. We visit Jackson every other week.

We just found out today that Jackson’s grandma (who has main custody of him) does drugs and someone called cps on her, and cps wants to place Jackson in someone else’s custody. Long story short, we might have to take Jackson to live with us.

Now the issue here is that we live with my mom, I’m only 17- pregnant and I’m not currently employed. My boyfriend is employed, and so is my mom- but they make 10.50$ an hour and we rent.

Our current rental is a 2 bedroom and it works perfectly for the three of us, and it’s 850$ a month.

If Jackson comes to live with us, with the baby on the way we will have to move- as there will be no room. All rentals for 3+ bedrooms in my state are 1500$ at least and we can barely afford 850$.

I’m really stressed out, i knew we could make due for my unborn baby- but now there’s a two year old coming into the picture and it stresses me out beyond belief.

So i guess I’m just looking for advice on how to make this work/ similar stories/ anywhere i can get a job that will hire me while pregnant? Please no judgement, i know me and my boyfriend messed up, and he knows he messed up before i came into the picture. I just need some kind of a solution, i can’t think of any!

(I’m posting anon due to fear of judgement, and might not respond to comments)