being Politically Correct going too far?

Samantha🧸 • I am ten bears

I’ve heard this from many people that I speak to and know in person, that everyone being so politically correct will be the real downfall of our country.

so many things are considered offensive now, even things that are facts. to give an example, the other night someone mentioned illegal immigrants, and they were told that term is offensive. the reasoning is that it’s not illegal to be a human. while the actual term for someone who is here in this country illegally, without proper documentation, is an illegal immigrant. to me, that’s not offensive, it’s just a fact. it is not saying they are less than human, it’s just a fact that what they are doing is in fact illegal.

another example is “don’t talk about this I can’t handle it.” how is this a thing? you can excuse yourself or not participate if something bothers you that much, I’m referring to adults in this instance. why should others have to stifle themselves to accommodate you?

I personally feel that being politically correct has gone down a path that is really doing more harm than good. I believe in the 1st amendment, it was something our country was founded on, and other countries are envious of that freedom of speech.

what do you think? what is your opinion in your own words? do you think the US is too politically correct now? just right? not politically correct enough? please share why.

all opinions welcome.

please keep this peaceful.