Feeling alone!


This is me venting... my husband and i have been arguing over little things for the past 4 days... he has just been getting under my skin alot.

I am a new mommy and my baby is a month old.. i feel sad and alone because my husband comes home from work and gets on his phone all afternoon or plays fortnite all afternoon... he doesnt help me with our baby... he says he only wants to hold her when she is awake. She is a fricken newborn she is rarely awake. And when she is awake she is waiting for her milk which is like no more than 5 minutes..

When no one is home i cry a little and just vent to myself. I have no time to do anything...

I feel bad because my mom helps me more with the baby than my own damn husband.

The other day i got so pissed because he all of a sudden wanted to feed her and change her and it got me so mad... i thought to myself you all of a sudden want to act like a dad... i just dont know whats going through my head.. 🥺🥺