What do I do?

So, I’m engaged, but I don’t know that I only want his dick for the rest of my life, It’s always me on top or him hitting it from the back and it’s small I don’t know that I can act like it’s pleasing for forever.

Sex isn’t the only reason to marry someone and i know that, we’ve been close for going on 5 years, but I find myself wondering if I can get used to not being pleased by him.

I love him with every piece of me but I’m getting tired of doing everything alone, I sleep alone I work in the day and him at night, I cook all of his food do all of the laundry clean the house and take care of our dog, he sleeps all day and gets up right before he leaves for work. It’s aggravating.. even when I ask him to do something I get bitched at.. just stuck here