Long Read: Step kids and Biological kids

Sarah • Wife. Step Mom. Mommy.

I have asked before but it worries me even more now that I am actually pregnant not just trying. My family on my mom's side is super close. All see each other once a week if not more. Do family lunch on Sunday every week. I love my family dearly but it all changed when I got married. I have a step daughter who I love dearly and consider my own. She is the light of our lives and I'm so excited to give her a sibling. My sister has 2 kids and my step cousin has a little boy. My step daughter and my step cousins little boy are not treated the same because they are not blood. I have no idea why they're like this but that just how its always been even with my step cousins. They go see my sisters kids, take them to the park, to play, take them breakfast or lunch just to see the kids, helps with birthdays and baby showers, has told my daughter stop playing with toys if my nieces want them, they just have never been treated the same. I have since stopped going around that side of the family because my daughter is 5 and she has started asking questions like why are the other kids allowed to do something but she is told no and it breaks my heart. I know with my new baby they will be over the moon and treat them wonderfully but still treat my step daughter poorly. My husband and I made the decision to not take either one around that side and in a way my heart breaks because I love my family and they basically raised me but I can not stand to think of one of my kids being treated differently than the other. Am I being too harsh keeping my kids away from them?