Fallen back into depression from TTC.

I had PPD with my first 3 years ago, and was depressed 6months ago.

I think I'm falling into the deep dark hole again.

Last cycle when my period started i was sad but ok. Now im due AF and been getting BFN and no symptoms and i know I'll start tomorrow.

The last few days I'm just doing nothing.

No washing my hair just dry shampoo.

As soon as I'm back from work I'm headphones in and bed.

I can't sleep.

I blame my husband. I'm angry at him for being able to just switch off. I can't. I'm thinking of TTC 24/7.

I don't want him to hug me. I feel like hugs don't make a difference so why bother.

I have NO ONE to talk to.

I'm writing this whilst on my bathroom floor crying.