Im hoping this doesnt sound offensive but....

Im a white female, and it seems ever guy i fall for is a man of color!

Ive gotten looks from people (i live in an area that seems to be surrounded by racists)

Ive been teased about it, sometimes rudely and sometimes more as a joke, but then other people tell me its okay and im over thinking it - im attracted who im attracted to, no big deal.

I dont feel guilty for liking men of color, my current boyfriend is dominican and jamaican and i couldnt be more in love. ( with more than just his ethnicity.. obviously)

I actually feel guilty for not liking white guys! I dont understand why i dont? :(

I really really hope this doesnt come off as rude or offensive!!! i just wish i knew why when a white guy trys to flirt with me, even when hes a great guy, i feel no sparks...?

Is this an okay way to be?? Is it ok to not be attracted to a certain race? Ive heard people justify that its ok not to be attracted to people of color bc its "a preference" but ive never really heard it said the other way around...

Sorry for long post!