Odd baby shower idea...

Okay so. I am helping my friends and two of my aunts plan my baby shower(thankfully they are involving me- I can't stand not being involved) and I have had an idea that might be odd? I have never heard of it being done.
My mom passed four months into my marriage. My husband and I will be married 3 years at the end of September. My daughter will never know my mother and that is something that I am having a hard time with. 
So, I came up with the idea(which will double as comfort for me) to buy a scrap book, fill it with pretty paper and proved some pretty, small cards to have on the tables at the baby shower(where many of my family will be, and friends who knew my mom) for guests to write down wonderful memory's and stories about my mom. We will put them in the scrap book, along with pictures of mom, for my baby girl to have when she is older(and for me to have while I am missing mom) 
Who thinks this is too odd or to sad of a thing to do? 
Who has ideas on how I might be able to present this activity light heartedly to my guests? 
Who might have ideas on what I can title the scrap book? 
Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!!
(Also encouraging words to me would be awesome, I am missing my crazy mother right now)