28 weeks 4 days and sick of pregnancy

Michelle • Ryland born 11-13-15💙
I feel bad saying I just hit my third and final trimester and I am so beyond sick of being pregnant. Don't get me wrong I love my son and this has been the most amazing experience of my life. 
But his kicks and stretching is starting to hurt. I have heartburn ALL the time. I am tired no matter how much I sleep. If I take one more step I am quite certain my feet are going to fall off. If I am out in the heat for too long my fingers swell. I pee constantly. And I can't sleep for shit. 
I work a full time job, am 7 months pregnant, and go to college part time. I am also doing this alone since my fiancé and I broke up at 6 weeks and he took off to do drugs. So I believe I deserve a bitching session every once and awhile. 
Okay...rant over.