Upset and depressed!


Not really sure where to post this. So I decided here.

A little back story: my SO and I currently live with his parents, his two brothers, and his niece. Well since we have moved in his mother told me (since she literally works 24/7 she wants me to make sure the house is clean. Which is fine I don't mind cleaning. But what aggravates me the most is when my SO brother comes home from work and trashes the place. And then I spend the rest of the night trying to get him to pick up his mess. Which doesn't work. So I try to talk to my mother in law and she just yells at me telling me that I don't clean and he does so I have no reason to b***h. And it's got alot worse lately because no matter what I say or do I'm wrong. I've talked to my SO about all of this and they have got into numerous fights over how she treats me. But nothing seems to be working. I'm literally at my wits end! The only time she is nice to either of us is when she is asking my SO if she can have money. I would say borrow but she never pays him back knowing we are trying to save up to move out.

Sorry if it's long. I just didn't know who to vent to. Thank you for taking the time to read this.