Induction tomorrow! Nervous lol

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I went to my second OB appointment this week today, and my doctor scheduled me to be induced due to high blood pressure. I'll be 38 weeks Saturday, and baby is full term. She's afraid of the risks to me and baby. I've been wanting to have him, and meet my sweet little boy. But being a FTM, I feel like it's a mix between Christmas and the scariest movie I've ever seen lol. I'm being induced at around Noon CST, and I can't sleep. I've slept maybe 6 hours total since the day before yesterday. Just having that night before Freak Out lol! Any advice from ladies who have BTDT? I won't be able to eat while I'm laboring. And she's going to see if I'm contracting on my own before she starts me on anything like Pitocin.