For anyone having trouble sleeping!

Try Tylenol night time time!!
I am 34w1d and for the last week and a half I've not been able to sleep well. Tossing and turning and sore all over. Got so bad I asked my OB yesterday what to do, she said I could try unisome, Benadryl, gravol, Tylenol night time. So I went to the pharmacist and asked them after grabbing the unisome and Tylenol and told them my problem, I didn't want to double dose myself. Well I only took 1 tab last night of the Tylenol and I only work up at 3amish from heartburn so I took a Zantac and went back to bed and passed right out again. I only got 7 hours last night but 2 nights ago I only 4 so I'm feeling good today ;)