Okay this might be long so I apologize in advance 😞

My husband and I have been together 5 years, married for 5 months. We have a 2 year old boy together. We are both 23.

Well since I had my boy and being a stay at home mom and all I have let myself go a little. I just don't get up and curl my hair and put a full face of makeup on like I used to. Most days I will get dressed by wearing a cute top and jeans and throw my hair up in a pony with no makeup.

So you can say my self esteem has dropped because I'm not putting in the effort to feel good.

My husband has told me before that it doesn't matter to him blah blah.

That's great. But now I don't get compliments or anything anymore.

Now onto my problem.

My husband works long hours in law enforcement and whenever he is home late at night all he does is sit on his phone.

Facebook, instagram, snapchat, etc.

It bothers me and I've said something to him but he really doesn't care.

Aside from the fact that all of his attention goes to his phone when he's with me and our son, here's where my problem lies.

And please tell me if I'm overreacting?

A few months ago and looked through the people my husband follows on instagram. He follows like 500 pages. All of them were just "sexygirlsofIG" "cutecountrygirls" "girlswhoworkout" blah blah you get the point.

Well it really broke my heart to know this is what he's looking at. So I brought it up casually and just asked if I wasn't doing it for him anymore and why he feels the need to look at other girls all day. He had every excuse in the book that he wasn't following them etc and deleted the pages.

Well that hurt my self esteem even more, and I've been trying to work past that.

Well last night I saw he's following 500 pages again and looked through them. Again it's the same thing just tons of gorgeous women with tattoos and dark hair like he likes and cleavage and constant ass pictures etc.

I went to bed so hurt because again, why do you need to be looking at that all day? Especially when you are home with your family that is all your looking at? It hurts me so bad and makes me feel worthless and ugly.

Am I overreacting because it's a social media site? Or should I say something again?

These days I feel like social media can hurt your relationship so easily.

I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you