What would you do?

Nikki • 👼🏻 MMC 8/18 IVF #1 👼🏻❌❌🚫👼🏻❌❌ IVF #2 👼🏻 👼🏻

Ok ladies, what should I do? It’s our first wedding anniversary this Sunday (20th) we started TTC about a month after our wedding, found out we were expecting in July but had a miscarriage at the end of August. No luck ever since.

I ovulated on January 9th so will be 11dpo on our anniversary. Should I test then or not? We are going out of town on Saturday for the night so I need to decide whether to take a test with me or not.

A BFP would be the best present but I’m worried a BFN would put a dampener on things. Help!! 😫