Not being excited about my baby

Hello you guys . I normally don’t put my business out but I need advice. I’m 23 and expecting my first baby. I’ve graduated college and going back this month. The guy I’m pregnant by kept telling me I was pregnant. Okay so when I told him he says “you just don’t know I have two kids already lol.” Which is I was aware of the second baby through a mutual friend but it was too late . I don’t believe in abortions at all but he’s so demanding for me to get one. He’s not talking to me and he said I trapped him but how ? We both was aware of the outcome. Am I wrong ? We haven’t talked in days and he’s a tattoo artist 🙄 He thinks that’s why I’m keeping the baby but kids are a blessing . I feel he’s the reason I’m not happy as I should be during this time.