Moms shouldn’t sleep if they aren’t working?

I’m on leave since i had my son a week ago, i also have a 2 year old with the same man. We haven’t been together the entire pregnancy and he doesn’t do much to help me out financially with the kids, I’ve asked him a couple times to stay the night to help me with them because my 2 year old is sick and screaming non stop and my newborn screams unless he’s held. I’ve been bleeding really heavily from picking up my 30 pound 2 year old constantly and have mastitis, and I’m sick too on top of it so i really needed the help and he comes over and goes off on me anytime one of the kids wakes up and says it’s not right for him to put them to sleep and wake up with them... he’s not even here everyday and i watch them both all day until he decides to come at 8 or 9pm. One night he came and went on a whole rant about how he works and it’s not right and said he woke up at 11 then 12 then 1.. like yup welcome to my life. You get to go home and sleep whenever you feel like it and decide when you’re going to help. So he got mad at 130 in the morning and left me alone with two screaming kids. I haven’t been able to rest or sleep since giving birth and I’ve explained I’m exhausted and he just doesn’t care so I’m frustrated. He won’t take them to his house because he has work and i have no one else to help me and anytime he gets mad at me he just says he’s not gonna he around me to help. Idk what to do and I’m so tired. I have to beg him for help and it feels so degrading and half of the time he says he has other things to do 😭. Am i crazy or is he wrong for this