Anyone else feel like their body is just not cut out for this??

Does anyone else feel like they are low-key dying from pregnancy? Surely I can't be the only one. I have:

⚪ preeclampsia

⚪ my kidneys and liver are damaged from the extreme high blood pressure

⚪ Have extra bile in my blood so I itch all over my palms and feet AND whole body

⚪ Nearly died from anemia (level 6.8 hemoglobin) and had allergic reactions to my emergency infusions

⚪ Passing out all the time

⚪ Already gone into premature labor once at 24 weeks

⚪ Extreme anxiety that has only gotten worse with pregnancy

⚪ Tachycardia

⚪ Hyperemesis

Like, its almost as if my body is completely shutting down because of this pregnancy. Each month something new and scary comes up. My OB and high risk doctors are so baffled and don't know how to treat everything I have all at once. They usually just shake their head and apologize but refuse to really help the situation. I'm just so discouraged