Just got My 14th BFN And I Feel So Low

Lex • 19 Months TTC and Our Rainbow Baby is On Board ♥️💛💙💜

And please don’t come here and offer me “baby dust”. I have been trying that stuff for months and it doesn’t work.

I feel cold and bitter that even with help I can’t seem to get pregnant. I’m on Femara and Metformin and Levthyroxine and a bunch of supplements and timed intercourse and still...still I cannot get pregnant. Nothing wrong with my husband. The only thing wrong with me was supposed to be I wasn’t ovulating on my own. I ovulated last cycle. I had great progesterone numbers. I actually got my hopes up because of that and still...still I woke up to that one pink line.

I’m so sick of that one pink like I just hate me RE makes me test. I absolutely hate it. Test and call them. Another big fat negative to put in my chart. A whole other month out to ride this roller coaster again. It seems so hurtful and unfair that I cannot have the one thing I want most in the world.