The things people say. Their "input."

Hannah • Pregnant with my first baby! Having a BOY 2*17*16 Hubby has a 5 year old little girl! So he gets his princess and his prince ❤

I'm sure all 'The mommy to be' has heard everything from everyone! Lol it is so annoying!! Especially for a First time mom!

"You really shouldn't be eating that chocolate"

"Don't take a bath, you'll get an infection😑"

"Don't drink that coffee! Bad for JR! 😩"

"How did you find out so early what your having I thought it was 5 months not 4"

"When I was pregnant we didn't do that"

"When I was pregnant we did this instead of that its BETTER"

"Oh honey just wait till you give birth"

Seriously people just UGH! Haha Love these hormones! Who else is with me?