Raise the baby together, or not?

I'm 17, and engaged to an AMAZING man. We have been together for 3 years, going on 4. I am pregnant with our first child. The baby will be 5 months old when I turn 18. Being so close to 18, I feel as if how I raise my child is our choice. Of course, the age doesn't matter. Every parent has that right. But for me, I want to live with him because it's our child and we should do this together. Many relationships end because of the back and forth with the baby, because it almost feels like you aren't together. 
Now I live with my mom and she agrees and has said she will think about me moving in with him when he gets the apartment or him moving in while we save for one together. My dad However says no. I don't live with him because when I was 14, i was raped by his son and he doesnt believe me. He says i should live with him and raise the baby and he'll pay for it all but my fiance can only come over certain times, can never stay the night, and he wants him to pay child support. 
His girlfriend says its selfish if I dont let him have a say in my life. What do you ladies think? Should I go with my mom, or dad? 
Also, do you believe in fathers paying child support while you're together?