Midwife appointment today. Thoughts.

Nearly 15 weeks and I had my 2nd appointment today. 
I love love love how laid back and stress free my midwife is. 
All is looking good. I'm measuring a bit ahead, blood work is great, all is well. Tried to get a heart rate on the Doppler today but baby would not stop moving. She got the cord sounds and felt the baby wiggling away. 
And that was that. No panic for an US because we couldn't get an exact reading. Just a joking comment about stubborn babies and we will do it again next time. 
I've lost 17 lbs so far. I'm overweight so I have more than that to lose and be healthy. And it's following the pattern of my last two daughters. So I didn't get any panic about that. She also has not once told me how much I am "allowed" to gain. Just given healthy eating guidelines and suggestions. 
I'm left wondering if I am the only one here not spending my pregnancy terrified? I am not worried or rushed to hear a heartbeat. We won't have an US for over a month and that's fine with me. I am eating as healthily as I can while having been so sick. But I'm not worried about every food I eat. Or activity I do. 
There is so so much fear in so many pregnant women and I wonder why. I honestly do. This is my 4th it's true. But I wasn't afraid with my 1st-3rd either. Not saying anything bad about anyone who is worried. At all. I get that that is very common (clearly I'm the odd one here). But I don't get why. And mostly I wonder if there's anyone else out there who isn't afraid? 
I have a feeling this may be taken the wrong way. I really do not mean offense. This is something I've wondered through my pregnancies and never gotten a clear answer. So I thought I never would if I don't ask. 
And to be clear I understand it when you have suffered a loss or previous issues. Totally understand that would completely effect your outlook and worry level. What I don't get is why the fear seems so pervasive regardless of experience or actual risk factors. It's almost universal.