Weirdest bleed... anyone ever had similar

So my last period was 14th December, spot on every-time, my ovulation was 1st jan! So BD’d then a week later i started spotting and every day since iv spotted, was not meant to be due on untill tuesday 15th. Baring in mind my periods only ever last 4 days and are usually really heavy were i need to wear a tampon and a pad, i usually have lots of blood clots. This bleed has been so light. I would not even need to change a pad in the day but obviously hygiene i couldn’t just leave it. I have been completely off for half a day and even when wiping nothing so iv thought yayy its stopped to then later that day going the toilet and seeing blood in the toilet and NOT ONE BLOOD CLOT this entire little bleed.. i just feel like this is not a period. And i never really get sore boobs AND MY BOOBS ARE IN AGONY.