When did you begin having obvious pregnancy symptoms (ie nausea, breast pain, dizziness, mood changes, etc)

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First of all I know that a lack of symptoms this early isn’t a huge deal, but I also know many women who said, “I knew because I didn’t have many symptoms something was wrong” before they MC!

I am 4 wks 2 days! I feel pregnant but not at all miserable! I have had a couple nausea spells that passed quickly, have had some dizzy spells the last two days, my sense of smell is annoyingly strong, I have had some dull cramps! And I have had some serious mood swings, but nothing over the top! And I have had a few cravings! But no throwing up, no serious nausea, no breast pain which didn’t have with my first two kids but did with the last three! I just find myself feeling like I should feel more! Please kindly share your experiences! Thanks!

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