Best wishes to you ladies!

Megan • Adult/Pediatric Trauma RN., BSN. Family Nurse Practitioner student. Mother to an angel. Baby girl born July 3, 2017.
I'm hanging up my TTC towel. It has been an agonizing year with no positive results. I know what some of you are thinking; that now is the time to see a specialist and get to the bottom of it. But the truth is, I'm just done. 
I'm finished tracking temps, monitoring CM, over analyzing ever little symptom, and treating my urine as if it is the root of all holiness. I'm through psyching myself out every month just to cry when I see a BFN or AF arrive. 
I'm going to look into other options, such as adoption and fostering. There are so many children already in this world that are desperately searching for a loving family. 
Wish me luck. I am fretting no longer about the occupancy of my uterus. Time for a new journey! :)