Hi I’m 31 and my husband is 38 we new each other over 7 years and now are married over 2 years with a 15 month old daughter.. I was curious if any other woman are experiencing their other half not having a good sex drive ?? It’s like I have to book an appointment to have sex with him.. he is on medication that will make you not have a drive at all and he also tells me that what he takes does that to him and that it’s not me... he is still in love, interested and so on. I sometimes let my emotions get involved.. I been telling him now for over a year to go to the doctor and let them know what’s going on maybe they can help.. he hasn’t yet and that’s the part that makes my mind race and think it’s me.. he is a hard worker and we own our business so we are busy but the last couple days we took off and spent family time.. I thought maybe we would have adult time but nope... is anyone else going thru this?? What do you do? What can I say to him with out a fending him