Freaking out

So I’m going nuts right now.. I had sex on New Years and the condom broke .. I totally freaked out. And went to the ER later on that day.. I told them give me whatever they had. They put me on pep for 7days (I don’t know his status) but the last day I just couldn’t take it. It was making me sooooo sick. the guy supposedly went to the doctor on the 9th and got tested and everything is “fine” And he hasn’t been home to show me his papers. I don’t believe it so I’m totally freaking out. Because ONE he’s not giving me no reason to feel like everything is OK. And I have anxiety so I’m over here totally freaking out!!!! And I know the earliest to get a positive test is 4 weekend but it’s literally only been two weeks. Should I go to the doctor now? Or wait another two weeks?

Another thing that’s freaking me out is that I feel like he was too open towards me. 🤦🏽‍♀️ you just never know. Like idk if it’s me just freaking out or what. But I’m literally burning a hole through my head 😭🤯