Panorama Testing - Inconclusive Results


Did a panorama test (NIPT) via LifeLabs (I’m in Canada) last Monday when I was 10+3 weeks. I got a call from the lab today that my results were inconclusive and that I should go back for a blood redraw.

I went in today at 11+3 weeks for the redraw and hope this one works.

They weren’t really helpful in providing context on what may have happened or what to expect, so I turned to Google.

Looks like inconclusive results happen when they can’t get a high enough percentage of fetal DNA from your blood. Some mentioned that it’s more likely to happen to those who are overweight. I’m 5”8’ and 280 so this is a factor in my results.

Wondering if any others had the same happen to them? Did the second blood draw work? If no, did you do a third? Did they give you a refund?

Would also love to hear from those that are overweight and were able to get the results. Beginning to wonder if this all is going to be a waste of time and money.