I don't think I love my husband anymore

For almost a year my husband has been playing some game on his phone. It takes up all his free time and he spends money on it. A few months ago he got laid off and was working with a friend and out of the blue said he had a job offer like 3 hrs away and he had to leave the next day. Well I had a really weird feeling about it and after some research I found that he had rented a hotel room for 2 adults for 2 days. And he never worked, I verified with the company. I have all this proof but he still says he's not lying. This wouldn't be the first time he has cheated but I've told him just to be honest. Well since finding all this info out and him not just admitting he literally makes me sick to my stomach. We have kids but I kinda just wanna leave. I'm not happy at all. I stay late at work so I don't have to deal with him. I don't understand how someone who's supposed to be your partner just lie straight to your face. The only reason im still here is because of my kids. Because I don't have any family at all to help me. I don't know what to do.