Have baby showers become less about the baby and more about the presents?


So I’m curious to know what others opinions are on baby showers.

I’m all for having a baby shower for your first baby, I had one for mine, and was lucky enough to be given some beautiful gifts for our daughter. I didn’t have a registry (I’m in Australia, its not too common here to register for a baby shower), so I didn’t ask for, or get any big ticket items.

Posts on here regarding baby showers always seem to have comments saying ‘every baby should be celebrated’, especially when it come to a shower for 2nd, 3rd babies etc, but most often there is also mention of the parents needing things for the baby.

I’ve seen numerous posts complaining that guests didn’t buy from their registry, going as far as to say ‘now we are left to buy everything we need’, and ‘I wouldn’t have spent all that money on a baby shower had I known I wouldn’t have been given the things we needed’. I’m sorry, but when did it become your friends and family’s responsibility to buy everything for YOUR baby?

I completely understand that babies can be expensive, and a lot of people rely on help from others. but the people who get given things, to then complain that it wasn’t what they asked for? That really annoys me!

What does everyone else think?