Epidural? Long story

Lucero • 9-11-14💍2-4-15👧11-1-16🧒 Baby girl Abigail 👶8-8-19

Just wanted to see what were your thoughts on epidural ....with my daughter shes my first and I went all the way to 5-6cm and I got my epidural great great experience no complications at all had her fast and that's that .....with my son though is a whole other story I was induced at 39w because I wanted to it was optional and I said yes why not I got to the hospital at 6am they started me right away on pitocin i was 2cm dilated I held on getting my epidural by 9am I was screaming in pain literally couldn't take it anymore so I ordered my epidural but they said get in the jacuzzi to help while the epidural gets here went in not even 5min I felt the need to push got out I was 9cm the epidural guy came in and he had such a hard time putting it in my blood pressure dropped i almost fainted i had to lay down and thankfully got better and i got back up and tried again nothing all it did was give me chronic back pain till this day I suffer so bad when it's cold or if it rains of course its not all the time I feel the pain but when I do it sucks....but i ended up not getting my epidural and having my son naturally he was born at 11:59am .....it was painful I wont lie but this baby#3 I'm thinking I'm going to try and go natural im not going to get induced this pregnancy unless medical reasons I'll go full term untill my baby decideds it's time because they say labor is more painful when your induced so ...we shall see what happens but I'm not against it if I need it and cant take it I'm for sure going to get it I just hope I dont get the same guy who tried to put it in last time or else I'm not going to get it he sucks at his job no joke .....PS Sorry for the long post.

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