Nursing school and pregnant

So excited for this time in my life. 6 weeks pregnant today and I'm feeling great!!! I had a miscarriage in January which broke my heart and then I started nursing school 2 days later. I had to pull myself together during the day to be a student and would come home to grieve with my husband. Got through the semester with excellent grades and a stronger and optimistic outlook on our future. We tried again for a baby and after 3 months our prayers were answered and I am due in April. Every day is a blessing and I feel so fortunate to get another chance at being a mommy. 
Today I told my nursing clinical teacher that I am pregnant under the advice of my counselor so as in the event that I get assigned a patient with contact precautions she may be aware of my concerns and extra precautions. I don't expect any special treatment as I am a go getter and incredibly driven to be persuing my dream to become a RN. My instructor was dismissive and told me that I could have not chose a worse time to be pregnant. Told me it was a bad idea to be pregnant in nursing school and walked away from our conversation. "But whatever" was her ending response. Feeling gutted!!!
When is it ever a good time? Does she expect me to wait 2 years till I am 36 and looking for a job. It drives me crazy that she responded that way. She has never walked a day in my shoes. She doesn't know how determined and motivated I am for myself and now even more for my little peanut.