11w3d 😍


We had a sonogram at 7w5d that went great and because of some scheduling conflicts with me and my husband’s work schedule + my doctor being out of the office, our next appointment isn’t going to be until 13w5d, even then they said they will just be checking heart via a Doppler. My sister in law had a missed miscarriage a few years and it definitely freaks me out, so my anxiety wouldn’t let me wait 2 more weeks from now to check on baby. We paid for an elective sonogram today, at 11w3d and it was soo worth it! Baby was moving like crazy, sucking his or her thumb and heart beat was great! He or she doesn’t look like a peanut anymore, like at my last appointment and you can tell it’s human!

My hubby said I only get one elective sonogram per pregnancy, since it’s not FDA approved (but still seems very safe), and this was the timing I knew I needed it most for my sanity since hopefully it won’t be long until I can feel baby move! If you’re in between appointments, writing this for you so hopefully it gives you hope things are going just fine in there! ❤️