‘Just Relax!’

Aubry • Mommy to Kinsley and Eleanor 🌻🌻

My husband and I have been TTC for over a year and a half. I have severe PCOS and a grapefruit sized fibroid and was told by my doctor that the baby I had in 2011 would be my only one conceived naturally.

I was put on Metformin and took it off and on for about 2 years. I made a follow up appointment to talk about starting Letrozole. My appointment is tomorrow. I figured while I was waiting for my appointment I’d cut down on sugars and carbs, which I should have been doing anyway with having PCOS.

The thing that I hated most about TTC was hearing my family tell me to just relax or try not to stress and it will happen. It made me so angry! I would be like ‘OK people if it were that easy I wouldn’t be spending thousands of dollars at my doctor’s office!’

Well guess what.. before I had even made my doctor appointment.. before I had started on these fancy fertility vitamins.. before I started eating healthy.. I had gotten a new job that was 10% as much stress as my old one. My husband and I put TTC on the back burner until we saw my doctor again. And we just forgot about everything and lived our life.

Last night, I asked my husband to buy me 2 pregnancy tests just so I could be 100% sure I wasn’t pregnant before I went to my back doctor since he would be doing X-rays. Not for ONE SECOND did I even think they’d be positive.

I took one test and it was positive but it was the crummy blue dye ones that everyone says to stay away from so I really didn’t think too much about it. But just to be sure I went to the store and grabbed another box of tests. I came home and immediately took one. As soon as I put the cap on the test after dipping it, TWO PINK LINES APPEARED! I then took a digital one. YES+!!!!!

Meanwhile my husband is in the dining room asking if I’m ok because I’m in the bathroom for so long. I came out and showed him the tests.. he dropped his fork onto his plate, got up and hugged me and we both cried together.

This is something we’ve wanted since we met each other. Something we’ve tried for for 1 year and 9 months. Something that I honestly didn’t think would ever happen. My husband is an AMAZING stepdad, and now he gets to have his own, as well.

Wish us luck!!!