Baby dolls


My mom bought my older daughter this baby doll just because and my daughter loves it but it looks like her younger sister. So last night I decided to mess with my SO because we are always pulling pranks on each other...

First glance you wouldn't even notice its a doll. He sits down and is taking to our younger daughter.

I'm holding in all my giggles. Finally he goes to pick up this doll and realizes it's a doll and looks at me and says "where's Viola" me and my older daughter are dying laughing at this point. So we both take a picture of this baby doll all dressed up and send it to a couple family members and my SO put this picture in his group chat with his coworkers. A ton of people were like "oh, she's so cute" followed by a "wait... Is that a doll" I have seriously never laughed so hard in my life.

My little babe with her sister's doll "Bella"