Can i just rant for a second.. I’m so sick of getting bitched at about my life and how i choose to live it like everyone has an opinion... i went out with my mom yesterday and probably for the 5th time in my pregnancy i got a coffee.. just 16 oz and i got it from a stand it was only 2 shots of coffee.. i gave up coffee(just like i gave up weed and a lot of other things... and haven’t looked back) when i got pregnant and half way through my second semester i decided i needed one and i wouldn’t have them very often... well we got on the subject of my dad smoking again (he’s smoked on and off since he was 7) and i told her if he wants to hold the baby he either needs to not smoke when we are over or he has to wash his hands and change his clothes when he is done and then he can hold the baby... not hard.. she went on to tell me about how caffeine is just as bad as the smoke would be and i would have to expect the same thing from my husband (he vapes and i don’t because vaping and cigarette smoke are VERY different).. and it just pissed me off.. I’m allowed to make decisions for my child and they need to be respected. Then no one in my family likes the fact that i have the animals that i do.. but i live on my own my husband and i pay all our bills we have had to borrow money from my parents twice but have paid them back both times within 2 weeks and it was for like $100(to put it in perspective my parents give my brother money all the time and don’t see a cent back and my brother laughs it off)... and everytime borrowing money makes me feel like a failure.. well then my family bitches about me not inviting them over.. well i have a ferret y’all don’t like so I’m not going to invite you over if i know all I’m going to hear is bitching... they literally think that I’m just going to leave my ferret (that has no behavioral issues and doesn’t bite unless you accidentally scare him and it’s not hard it’s like he puts his mouth on you realizes it and moves it away..) around my baby and not watch them the whole time.. i have a dog and i won’t even leave her around my baby without watching... it’s just really annoying that i get judged for the little things that i do and the way i choose to live .. and honestly it hurts and it brings me down😭😭