My mom has a new boyfriend and I can't stand it.

This is a little longer but if you would like please read. I just feel bad. Tell me am I wrong?

So a while ago, my mom met this guy and she immediately fell in love with him. I'm just so jealous. She goes at his house and he lives alone, she always makes him food and everything. She also pays when they go out because he doesn't have a job, not because he can't find a job, he has a degree, but because he doesn't wanna go to work. And I just can't stand her being like a 'sugar mama' to him. Yes, he is helpful and everything. He also doesn't have a car and he uses ours when they go somewhere and she fu..king lets him. They even plan to go on a holiday together and I'm sure she is gonna pay that for him too. She asked if I wanted to go on a holiday with her in the summer and I said nope you don't have to waste money on me, you can just go and spend them with him. No need to double pay. And of course she doesn't want all of us to go together since they won't be able to enjoy their 'romace' while I'm on their way. She acts differently when she is with him and she even lies about some things about him. When she is with him she acts like she is innocent and 'dumb' just so he can sound smarter than her and I know she is a smart and stong woman. She also buys him expensive gifts.

I also have a boyfriend and she limits my time with him and calls me when I'm with him like when are you going home? I'm not a kid, I'm in a long term relationship with him but unfortunately I can't make plans with him like to go on a holiday or on other places and I'm jealous because she, only 2 months into the relationship, is doing much more fun stuff with her boyfriend and me, i don't do all that with mine.

Also, he tells her to buy fancier bras and he once called her fat, while he is not a hot Calvin clein model as well.

Once while she was leaving to go to his place with him I said "don't forget to bring your phone" and he said "why, you don't need to call her now" and when i don't reply to her message she calls and calls, sometimes even during sex with my boyfriend and I can't enjoy it because I know she will call at some point.

Don't get me wrong, I love my mom, i love that she cares about me, buys me clothes, food, we still live with her parents my grandma and pa. since I'm still in college I don't work, i plan on working during the summer.

On the other hand, my dad also got re-married, renovated his house and flat and when I asked him to pay for my drivers licence he said he doesn't have money and he will think about it. Yes, he doesn't have money for me, but he has money to raise other people's kids and even make his own and go on holidays.

I don't know how to feel guys. What are some nice things to do with your boyfriend so i can ease my mind? We don't have a place on our own and we spend so little time together since he doesn't wanna do all the fun stuff my mom does.

Am i wrong for feeling this way? Can someone even understand how I feel since my boyfriend says there is nothing I can do and even he does nothing to see me more time everyday.