So I’ve been allergic to Red 40 which is in a lot of foods and drinks, when i have them i have the runny poops or I vomit a lot. I ate hot cheetos bcz i was craving hot cheetos, i ate half the bag and to my surprise it has red 40 in it. Which i was waiting for the reaction. Last night i puked so much i couldn’t hold down any food. I read in a book that a lot of puking may harm the baby and you should consult your doctor about it, so i need opinions if it could or couldn’t.

As much as this sounds like a troll post it isn’t its serious and all i do is worry about my little one growing in me before worrying about myself.

I’m 10 weeks and I’ve had morning sickness but this time it was red40 considering the amount of times I’ve ran towards the toilet.

If you have answers please drop them in the comments.