I got my first tattoo last night


And I love it. I’ve been contemplating for months and felt I needed to do it.

It’s stands for free from death, free from sin, and free from my own mind. And free to be who I want to be. I don’t think enough people talk about self hatred and depression, anxiety and paranoia. It’s hard to deal with and I’m no longer drowning myself with it all. I am free from my mind. I’m dealing and growing and that’s huge for me. I woke up and looked in the mirror and loved who I saw. And that’s the first time ever that’s happened.

This tattoo meant a lot to me.

My family is very conservative and do NOT like tats and I KNOW my mom is going to hate it and lecture me for months. (Even though I’m a grown woman am married and have a child) and my siblings will look down their noses except for 2 of them. I’m a little scared for when my mom sees it.

Has anyone else had this situation and it not been so bad? Or have advice for how to handle it? I love my tattoo and don’t want to regret it because of family.

My husband loves it btw.