Possible cysts associated with clomid

So this month was my first month taking clomid. My day 23 progesterone draw came back at 45.9 so YAYY I definetly ovulated, unfortunately today at 12dpo I got a negative pregnancy test. So I’m thinking ya know that’s okay it’s my first month and at least I ovulated.

I called my doctor today to see if they could send in my next clomid prescription bc I have to go out of town towards the end of this week for a few days and just wanted to have it Incase I need to start taking it while I’m there.

when my doctor called me back she said that my progesterone number was great but she wants me to keep her updated on if I start my period and if I haven’t gotten it by Friday to test again for pregnancy.

She said that if I do get my period the doctor wants me to come in for a pelvic exam to make sure I didn’t develop any cysts and if I did I may have to sit one cycle out.

I just don’t really understand why it could be assumed I would have a cyst when she said that number was great! But if I do have one does that mean I’ll just get them every month I take clomid?

I’m just confused and bummed out now...