First time mom. I need help


So I am 18 weeks and a couple days pregnant and i am a first time mom. I had a previous provider but recently changed to a different doctor that was closer to me. A few days ago I had a little bit of spotting and some cramping. After that I have been having a pressure in my uterus and I feel a bit unease. I called me new doctor and they said they would see me today. I went in today and they said sorry we scheduled you wrong and won’t be able to see you till 3 weeks from now. I asked if they could make sure that everything was ok but instead they gave me a pamphlet of signs of miscarriage and pointed out my signs weren’t there. Then they went on to question me like a little kid if I was sure I was pregnant and if I had proof I was pregnant. Kinda feel like they don’t have a clue what they are doing. I am at Alta-Med and this experience has me wondering if I should look for another doctor