Wtf discharge?!?

Okay so crazy TMI but I am so confused and I feel like I need to go into detail if I can get help. I came off my period about 4 days ago and this morning I had the weirdest discharge ever. I was walking around, just come out of the shower, when I felt it build up, it was exactly the feeling you get when that first bit of blood comes out for your period. Since I wasn’t wearing pants I panicked and looked down, guys, I was DRIPPING yellow discharge. The reason it was dripping was bc it was so thin and there was SO MUCH! I rushed to grab tissues to clean myself up and just the be extra gross this stuff smelt absolutely foul. My boyfriend and I don’t always have protected sex but he has never finished inside of me, plus we haven’t seen each other for about 3 days anyway. I don’t feel any pain or I’m not uncomfortable at all, so I’m not sure if this could be an infection though I have NEVER had discharge like this ever. I’m SO LOST.