First Orgasm

Alright ladies.

So today i caught myself reading hot sex stories of others on here and I was very horny but also annoyed because whenever i tried to masturbate i felt no pleasure and i had never been able to orgasm before. Sexually frustrated i went to take a shower and before i got in i thought "What if i try laying down in the shower with legs spread instead of squating or sitting?" so that is what i did. At first i just moved the shower head back and forth on the massage setting to see if anything felt good and after a while the water finally hit this one spot and OH MY GAWWDDDDDD!! lemme tell you. My legs were shaking so much and my head flew back along along with my eyes and I felt it building up and i finished in just 3 minutes, maybe just all the sexual tension and hormones built up. i literally wish i could shower all the time.