Kai Logan 💙


I've been waiting for the right time to post my story...

On October 14th 2018 i was having some pain in my stomach but i just thought i was exhausted from running around doing errands for my grandfather's funeral who had passed away on the 11th 😢, so i just relaxed and fell asleep. I woke up at 2a October 15th with really bad pain and so me and my fiance went to the hospital and i described the pain i was having they put the belt for the contractions on and then they monitored me an hour passed and apparently i wasn't having any contractions but the pain was unbelievable the nurse told me she would get the on call doctor to check me since my doctor wasnt answering the phone but she never came to see me so they released me told me to take imodium because it was just diahrrea pain i walked out that hospital barely could even walk and the pain qas every 3 to 5 minutes half way home i told my fiance this isn't right lets go to another hospital. So we went and my contractions showed not thru pelvic exam but thru sonogram and i was already 3cm and baby was breech. So they told me that they were going to try to keep me pregnant as long as they could they gave me a steroid shot and withing 45 minutes after the shot i was 8cm so they rushed me to get an emercency c section. I gave birth to what i call my miracle baby because i have pcos, been ttc for 6 years and decided to take vitex but still no period so i assumed it wasn't working so i stopped taking it and no special diet, and then about 2 weeks or so i decided to take a test because toast was making me gag lol. And low and behold positive lines came out dark and fast. But my baby is a miracle because what if i hadn't gone to a different hospital what could have happened? He was born at 23w4d 1lb 5oz and is currently 36w5d 6lb 8oz and turned 3 months.