Pink Mucus??

My husband and I bd the night before AF visit. She came on that morning brighter than she’s ever been, lasted 2-3 days then on the 3-4 days I was spotting a lot ending around Thursday. Fast forward to Sunday morning I go for my morning pee and as I get up I noticed I’m wiping very light pink secretions mixed with egg white raw clear mucusy discharge. I didn’t think much beyond it because I wasn’t bleeding in my panties and it went away for the day. Monday and Tuesday mornin I’m getting the same thing. I notice it mostly in the mornings I can’t say I notice it throughout my day but I have seen it. Could this be implantation bleeding? Of course I’m waiting until my cycle to take a HPT because I feel like it’s waaay too early to tell but I’m curious if anyone else experienced this.