Any petite mom's to be uncomfortable

Ok so I've always been really petite and now that I'm growing I am so damn uncomfortable. I'll be 19wks Tuesday. I know I should be enjoying the fact that we're going to be parents, don't get me wrong I'm so very excited but omg I feel miserable 24/7. I've had an endless migraine for over 2wks (hospitalized last week for it) exhausted even though I actually slept through the night, diarrhea, hungry, nausea, and everything constantly hurts. I talked to a woman at work who's pretty petite as well and said she was the same way which made me feel a little better but Uuhhhuuuuu I still feel horrible about being so miserable. My poor husband is the one glowing during the pregnancy doing everything he can to make me feel better and I'm over her trying not to cry constantly because I'm tired, sore, hungry, nauseous and just all around a pile of mess. Is anyone else going through the same thing?? I just want to know I'm not the only one