Think water broke at 34 weeks.

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Currently in Labor and Delivery. Tonight I felt a gush or fluid and have been having bleeding now. They are pretty sure my water broke. Just waiting on a test to confirm. I have cholestasis and Gestational Diabetes as well. Luckily I had steroid shots on New Years <a href="">Eve</a> and New Years Day so if she’s coming early she at least had some help. Believing she will be great. Prayers appreciated!


Water did break. They are calling my doctor to see what he wants to do. Delivery will be happening though.

Update #2:

So the plan is to make it through today without going into labor so I can get a second round of steroid shots to develop her lungs, which is tomorrow at 6:30am. After that the plan is to induce if my body hasn’t gone into labor. My doctor told me after your water breaks you usually have the baby within 48 hours. I am on antibiotics every 4 hours till I deliver. The risk for not delivering right away after your water breaks is infection. So that’s why all the antibiotics. I’m really hoping my body goes into labor as soon as I get the shot, and I won’t need drugs, especially pitocin. That stuff sucks! Really hope she comes tomorrow. So ready to have this over😝